I love making poses.  Some of them are easy but most of my poses are difficult to create to get their edgy extreme look.  But alas, I am addicted to creating and sharing them with the SL world!   In store I charge L$25 per single pose  (discounted in fatpacks) and L$100 per couple pose (to make sure they interwine perfectly), but I also love making cheapies/dollarbies/freebies often!  That being said, I can also make YOU your own special pose or pose set!

Custom Individual Poses

If you would like specialty poses made for your unique avatar or a current build, please make note of the following and place it on a notecard to drop on me in world or send an e-mail to

  • Your Name
  • Your shape as it applies – if it is not full perms, please send me a copy of all the slider dimensions.
  • Specifics about your specialty pose, what you envision (please be as detailed as possible)
  • Reference picture link if applicable

Custom Couples poses

For couples poses I need the same info as I do for the above 2 options but for both  poseurs involved.



Pre-made Adjustments  –  FREE

Custom Pose (single – default perms) – L$250

Custom Pose (single – full perms) – L$1500

Custom Couples Pose (default perms) – L$5oo

Custom Couples Pose (full perms) – L$3000


* Prices may be negotiable and multiples can possibly be discounted, please inquire*

(thanks to Imzadi Giles for her business mind assistance :D)

Imzadi Giles


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