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I joined Second Life during the summer of 2007 to make fun of a friend of mine. Look who is laughing now as I have become deeply involved in the culture that is the metaverse. After stripping for months early on in a retro Gentleman's club, I branched out to open a very successful watering hole and social music club with my close friend and *BAMALAMA* designer, Alabama Smalls in 2008. When it was time to move on, I founded the only Fetish Alt Magazine and Fetish Burlesque troupe in Second Life, SLag in February 2009. SLag Magazine had to be shelves shortly after because of my limited resources and busy RL, but the Fetish Burlesque Troupe is going strong to this day! {Just A Pose} came to be on my June rezday of 2010, urged by my good friend and SARS! owner and awesome DJ, xSarah Mornington, and embraced by those who can appreciate the slightly askew design of the poses. I wanted to open an avante garde, weird and twisted, raunchy and strange unique boutique pose shop in a land of the limitless stores. (Please note that my poses push the limits with your avatar joints to get it's unique look, but I can gladly design a tamer version at your request at no cost to you!) But ultimately, I wanted to have fun while challenging my imagination and immerse myself in the land of the SL creators. I hope you enjoy the show!

Party Like It’s My Birthday!!!

Happy 33rd Birthday to MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
This weekend includes two very special events at {Just A Pose}!
1. $40L Autumn couples pose for TOSL “Fall” weekend at the Mainstore.  Available for the sale price until September 26th!
2. $33L sale at the Mainstore!  Sunday September 25th is my RL 33rd bithday!!!  I have selected 6 random items to be on sale for only $33L through the weekend, both Saturday and Sunday!  Just search around the shop!  WOOHOO HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!  (and a happy weekend to my favorite shoppers in all of SL!)
xoxo-Glam “Old Hag” Boa

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{Just A Pose} TOSL Weekend Sale & 2011 Jewelry Fair!

I feel the crisp air of Autumn this week on the East Coast so I was inspired to make a couple pose. So if you plan to walk around in this gprgeous Fall weather with your sweetie, this pose is for you! It is copy and modifiable so you can adjust to your avatars.  PLUS it’s on sale at the Mainstore for only $40L this weekend for TOSL!  Sale ends Sunday 9/18 at Midnight!

(BTW, The above couple pose was inspired by this song! It’s Wonderful!)


Need poses to show off your new jewelry set???  I have a small booth at this years 2011 Jewelry Fair, and there are two brand new never before released “Get Your Rocks Off” pt. 1 & pt. 2 pose packs!  Both packs include 5 static poses to show off your new jewels, each for only $100L.  The fair runs September 16-25th and has the theme of The Elements.  There are tons of unique jewelry designers set up on 4 different sims.  {Just A Pose} is on the Earth Sim!  Pop on over and check it out!  There are freebies (including @ my booth), gatchas, auctions, and brand new designs.  FUN!

Here is to a crisp cool and relaxing weekend full of jewels and cuddles! 😀

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Lazy Days are here again!

{Just A Pose} is up this week again for Lazy Sunday!  I’ve included 2 items this weekend, one 3 person group pose ($40L) and a brand new female shape with a custom pose ($50L)!  TP on down to the MAINSTORE where the $50L and under sale is ending this weekend as well!  SHOP ‘TIL YOU DROP!  When Sunday ends, so do the sale prices! :O!

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Saturday Night Fevah is back!!

The awesome sale group “Saturday Night Fevah” is back in action in SL! Every item on the list is $40L and includes amazing designers. All day on Saturday 9/10/11 at the {Just A Pose} Mainstore we have a brand new pose pack available for the sale! TP on down (and grab the new Unisex Freebie too!!)

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{Just A Pose} featured store in TOSL weekend sale!

Before you lose power east coasters due to that Hurricane  bitch Irene, log into SL and grab the FREE {Just A Pose} in-store gift with your Taste Of Second Life Shopping group title activated!  Wild Baby, Wild is a sweet couple pose capturing that moment right before a big smooch!

Also find an awesome prop with pose created for the “Wet & Wild” TOSL theme!  Longboard Baby! is the newest item out for only $50L through the weekend!  Also included are the 4 individual poses for you to use in your own items.  Enjoy!!

(sorry it was a late night, I know the longboard is backwards in like, every photo hahahaha)


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Slightly Askew Lazy Sunday!

Today is Lazy Sunday at {Just A Pose} and that means you get yet another pose pack at half price for today only!  $75L for some quirky dramatic poses you know you need in your collection!  Sale lasts until Midnight SLT at the Mainstore.

See the Rest of the Lazy Sunday List here with photos at The Rumor Weekly Sale Website, and see what else is going on in world so you can save some lindens!


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Never Alone in SL!

After an almost 3 month hiatus without any new products, {Just A Pose} is BACK and will be a part of Taste of Second Life this weekend featuring a new pose set at half price!

Inspired by “Forever Alone Guy” I made up a pack of Emo-esque poses for your more dramatic photos.  Also included are curvy and svelte options.  This pack of 7 poses will be available at the NEW mainstore until Sunday night at 12pm SLT for $75L.

ALSOOOOOO, I am running a Flea Market Back To School Sale on items I will be retiring back into my inventory.  Everything in the Flea Market Tent located outside the Mainstore will be $50L or LESS!  This sale will run 2 weeks from Saturday  Aug. 20th – Sunday September 4th.  BRING FRIENDS, BUY CHEAP SHIT! YAY! xoxo

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